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July 5th – Berks Summer Strings #2

I realize many of you may be on vacation or still on vacation. We are still rehearsing. Come when you can, don’t when you can’t. Last week had 112 with us. Either way, we hope to make music with you soon.

All rehearsals are at the Governor Mifflin Intermediate School. Enter the doors facing the Governor Mifflin Park Elementary or the doors facing the Amphitheater.


Berks Summer Strings ’22 starting soon.

We have good news and we have new news. We have over 150 string students registered for our 2022 summer sessions! Almost triple of last years’ participants! How wonderful. BUT I don’t think it will be possible to overlap any of our groups. So we are doing a slight change in scheduling so that all groups may use the large ensemble rehearsal room this summer. I hope this doesn’t make a hardship on anyone! See you soon!!


~ What if we go on vacation?

Please do. Come when you can, don’t when you can’t.

~ We have to miss the concert, should we still come?

Absolutely. Wish you could make it, but we understand.

~ My friend would like to come, is it too late?

Have them register and come when they can.

~ Do the parents have to stay for the hour?

No, but it may be a great learning experience for the parents to watch. They are ALL open rehearsals.  🙂

~ Do the participants need to bring their own instruments?

Yes they do. We do have a few basses that may be borrowed, but no guarantee.

Concert Details

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022

  • 5:30P  Set up (volunteer) set up chairs & stands in amphitheater
  • 6:30P  Call – Chins set cases in large ensemble room, pins go to music class room (bass room). Get tuned and set up.
  • 6:50P  Seating. Berkshire Strings sit in first 2 rows, Stradivari fill in 2nd – 3rd rows, and Michelli strings fill in the rest of the seats.
  • 7P Concert will begin. It will last about 40 minutes.
  • Concert dress can be your school colors or t-shirts, fun summer clothes …
  • Audience may want to bring lawn chairs to sit in.