The Calm Before the BSSI. :)


Set up for tomorrow. When you enter, come in the doors facing Mifflin Park Elementary near the amphitheater.

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Registrations coming in.

Governor Mifflin in the lead, Exeter, Wilson and Fleetwood close behind. What a great mix of Berks County!

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 2.58.45 PM

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Summer 2019 is Coming.

Most of Berks County School are down to the final weeks. Already, we have 80+ students signed up for already. Last year’s teachers are coming back and the music is beginning to be pulled and lined up for our first session.

We are looking forward to exploring and making music with you this summer!!

Mr. Holgate

Summer of 2019 is coming!

We here at Berks Summer Strings are already planning for a great summer of orchestral strings learning and music making. In the link below is a flyer that you can print out for reference or pass along to friends.

2019 FLYER

More information will be coming. Already, many of past staff and teachers have committed to come back. We are excited to meet our new students as well as see some of our “old friends” from the past 8 years!

Concert Details

Tuesday, August 7th

  • 5:30P  Set up (volunteer) set up chairs & stands in amphitheater
  • 6:30P  Call – Chins set cases in large ensemble room, pins go to music class room (bass room). Get tuned and set up.
  • 6:50P  Seating. Chamber group sit in first 2 rows, Stradivari fill in 2nd – 3rd rows, and Micheli strings fill in the rest of the seats.
  • 7P Concert will begin. It will last about 40 minutes.
  • Concert dress can be your school colors or t-shirts, fun summer clothes …
  • Audience may want to bring lawn chairs to sit in.