Getting Ready for Berks Summer Strings 2016

We will have the following format, 2 groups: beginner (Micheli) and advanced (Stradivari).

Each group will have sectional instruction (violins, violas, cellos and basses).

Dates are the following: (Summer of 2016)

Monday(s), June 20,  June 27, July 11, July 18, July 25, August 1 and the Concert on August 8th.

Micheli Strings (1st and 2nd year students)
630 – 655        Micheli Strings Master Classes – with section instructor(s)
                        Violins – Band Room
                        Violas – LGI A
                        Cellos – LGI B
                        Basses – Music Room                       
700 – 725        Micheli Strings rehearse literature in band room
725                  Micheli Strings Dismissed
Stradivari Strings (3rd or 4th or more years students)
730 – 800        Stradivari StringsMaster Classes – with section instructor(s)
                        Violins – Band Room
                        Violas – LGI A
                        Cellos – LGI B
                        Basses – Music Room       
800 – 830        Stradivari String Orchestra rehearse literature in band room
830                  Stradivari Strings Dismissed

Concert Info and Details

Berks Summer Strings Concert

Monday, August 3rd, 7PM @ Governor Mifflin Intermediate School Amphitheatre

6:45P Call (Show up time)   Meet in large ensemble room to tune

7:00P Seating on Amphitheatre   Sit in sections. Stradivari strings sit in front 3 rows. Micheli Strings sit closely behind.

7:05 Introductions and thank yous

7:07 Begin Playing


Micheli Orchestra & Stradivari

D Major Scale (#64 from EE2000 Strings)

Rockin’ Strings – John Higgins

Aunt Rhodie’s Appetite – Joseph Compello

Stradivari Orchestra

Clog Dance – Eliot Del Borgo

Contredanse en Rondo – W.A. Mozart arr. Sandra Dackow

All About that Bass – Meghan Trainor arr. V. Lopez

FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA ~ Micheli Orchestra & Stradivari

Finale – Cripple Creek – Edmund Siennicki

7:43P Approximate finish time

7:45P Help bring in one music stand and one chair.

(Go out and celebrate and lead your home school orchestra)

Dress is Summer Casual

Bring Clothes Pins if you have some. (We use them to keep the music from blowing away)

Your parents and family may bring lawn chairs if they like.


~ What if we go on vacation?

> Please do. Come when you can, don’t when you can’t.

~ We have to miss the concert, should we still come?

> Absolutely. Wish you could make it, but we understand.

~ My friend would like to come, is it too late?

> Have them register and come when they can.

~ Do the parents have to stay for the hour?

> No, but it may be a great learning experience for the parents to watch. They are ALL open rehearsals.  🙂

The FINALE Concert.

Wow. We are so very proud of all of you!! Best luck and wishes in your new school year. Now you can go back to school with rosin on your bows.  🙂 

Again, a special thanks to Reading Music Foundation   ( for all of their financial help. Also, many of you asked me about Operation Replay, contact them, I am sure they could use some of your donations.

And special thanks to LOSER’S Music in Lebanon, PA for the music donations. Contact them for any of your musical needs.  Bows, rosin, music … they have it all.  (

Lastly, thanks to Governor Mifflin SD, school board, Dr. Bulinski and Mr. Umberger for allowing us again to open our doors to you!

If you have recommendations, comments or pictures you would like to share, please do email them.

Mr. Steven Holgate


PS – Hope to see you next summer!